Required By Law

Driving is a privilege that almost everyone enjoys once they hit the legal age. In fact, driving is the first step into adulthood and independence for most people. Unless a person lives in a large city, most people have to be chauffeured around by parents and older friends until they are old enough to drive on their own. With the privilege of driving, a person can also expect to experience responsibility. A driver’s license means a person will finally have to start working, because maintaining a vehicle and keeping it fueled is quite expensive.

One other major thing a person needs to purchase is car insurance. In fact, it’s illegal to drive and not have car insurance. Car insurance may seem like a burden, but it is necessary and not only can it keep a person out of trouble, it has its perks as well. Car insurance, at its core, is designed to protect others from the insured driver. If a person has an accident, then liability insurance will pay for damages done to other people and other peoples’ property.

In addition, if a person owes money on a car the bank may require them to have comprehensive and collision insurance, which will cover their car in the event of an accident or incident. This type of insurance can also be beneficial if a vehicle is worth over a certain dollar amount as well, even if it is paid off. Insurance companies also offer certain perks, such as tow coverage and rental car coverage in the event of an accident. A person can choose whatever kind of insurance he or she wants, as long as the coverage limits are above the state minimum and there are companies and policies out there to cater to anyone’s budget and need.

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